Thursday, December 15, 2005

Have Mercy, Lord!

Seven Simple Steps toward Repentance

1. Every evening or morning, take some time out to review the previous day. Begin by quieting your mind so you can hear the Holy Spirit speaking to your conscience.

2. Ask the Spirit to show you any wrongdoing—in your thoughts and desires, in your words and relationships, and in your actions. You may want to use the examination of conscience on pages 74-76 as a guide.

3. Think about how the sins you see have clouded your experience of and trust in the Lord’s love.

4. Check your heart: Are you pliable and willing to change your mind about these sins? Do you feel unwilling to change? Do you have any sense that it’s hopeless even to try?

5. Cling to God. Acknowledge that he is your strength and tell him that you want him to reform your mind so that you think as he would have you think and choose as he would have you choose. Renounce any drive in you that wants to remain independent of the Lord.

6. Place yourself in God’s hands and obey whatever you think he is asking you to do. As you practice, God’s voice will become clearer.

7. Be sure to move from thought to action. Make a decision to take one or two concrete steps to overcome or avoid that sin area the next day.

Remember: Jesus is with you every step of the way!


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